Darius Adventure

Hearing loss education 

Developer: Nerlaska

Darius Adventure is a graphic adventure game aimed at children without hearing loss. The main objective is to educate non-hearing impaired people about hearing impairment through simulated hearing loss. The main target group is for children who may have relatives and friends suffering from a hearing disability.

The game’s protagonist, Darius, is an angel with sensorineural hearing loss, and has fallen from heaven and lost his wings. The player must guide Darius through several scenarios to solve challenges and complete levels in order to recover feathers and rebuild his wings so that he can return to heaven. The act of putting the player into the position of a character with hearing loss is intended to provide educate and create empathy that the player can take into their real-world relationships.

A typical game view in Darius Adventure

Darius' Adventure is available for Windows from the following link:


The source code is also available on GitHub (link).