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Hearing aid calibration for the elderly

Developer: Vianet (website:

This application will be specifically oriented towards the elderly as a primary target group and towards hearing aid manufacturers and resellers as a secondary target group. Not all the members of the primary target group may be familiar with and/or interested in video games. This is why Vianet intends to develop an application containing some gamification mechanisms, more than a video game per se.

The application will be developed for Pc and Mac and will allow elderly end-users to simulate a series of virtual scenes in which both the sound and a virtual hearing aid can be calibrated (e.g. a restaurant with a lot of people talking around the listener, or a noisy street, etc.) through a set of simple-to-use and engaging gaming applications. While playing, the end-users will be able to calibrate parameters such as left-right levels, noise reduction or directivity. 

A gamification scenario will be, for example, one where the player’s 3D avatar is in a 3D space with other characters. These characters speak from different directions and in different contextual and environmental conditions (e.g. initially the environment is very quiet, then it becomes noisier and noisier). Within these changing environmental conditions, the player has to guess correctly the words pronounced by these characters or provide the right answer to their questions. During the game, the player can obviously fine tune various parameters connected to her/his hearing.