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3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids

3D Tune-In brings together relevant stakeholders from traditional gaming industries, academic institutes, a large European hearing aid manufacturer and hearing communities to produce digital games in the field of hearing aid technologies and hearing loss in children and older adults, addressing social inclusion, generating new markets and creating job opportunities

3D Tune-In Introduction Video

This is a short video introduction about the 3D Tune-In project.

Latest News

On the 26th and 27th of October, the 3D Tune-In 6th General Project Meeting was held in Rome. The meeting, organised by our partner Vianet, took place in the city centre, surrounded by magnificent monuments and historical buildings.

From the 27th to the 30th of September, Siena hosted the SIAF, the Italian most important conference on audiology and phonetics, a perfect showcase to present the 3D Tune In project and its applications.

We have recently been very busy with presenting and demoing the 3D Tune-In Toolkit and applications at various EU conference venues.

After the brief stop-and-go during our summer break, we pick up our blog with two of the most interesting topics related to...

The 3D Tune-In Toolkit developer team, lead by the University of Malaga and Imperial College London, has now publicly released the Toolkit Test Apps!  
Two versions of the App are now available.

Imperial College London, Reactify and the University of Malaga, on behalf of the 3D Tune-In consortium, participated to the 142nd AES International Convention in Berlin.

The article focuses on the story behind the 3D Tune-In project idea, reporting brief descriptions of the 3D Tune-In Applications.


On the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th of May, 3D Tune-In partners joined in Valencia (Spain).

Action on Hearing Loss is the largest UK charity helping people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss to live the life they choose.

This weekend, 3D Tune-In travelled to Boston, USA, to show off the games and apps at PAX East

From the 13th to the 21st of February, all app prototypes developed within the 3D Tune-In project were tested by end-users and experts in two workshops, organized by the University of Nottingham and GN Hearing respectively.

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